About us


tribe is a card game designed to help family and friends have fun and spend quality time together. 

this has been produced after testing out our idea with hundreds of people over the past year. with these cards we hope that you will be able to unleash the silly, the sentimental, the intellectual, the honest, and the curious within the relationships in your life.

we created these cards so that we could be better family and friends to the people who matter most to us.

we created these cards to better understand the people who’ve raised us, who’ve grown up alongside us, and who are standing beside us through life’s adventures.

we created these cards to spark conversations that, perhaps, otherwise may not have ever come about if we left things to chance.

everyone has a story, whether we realize it or not. we hope that Tribe will assist you in knowing more about others, as well as to be more known, yourself, by those who care for you the most.


tribe is a company that is incubating at the startup incubator, The Garage at Northwestern University, in association with the MBA program at the Kellogg School of Management.