How to play

what's in it: 54 full-color cards: 48 tribe cards, 3 winner's circle cards, 3 instruction cards

tribe cards - each card has a prompt from each of these categories: 

  • challenge: designed to get you up and moving, interacting with other players, and/or spreading cheer in one of many ways
  • non-basic basics: twists on inquiries that are seemingly ordinary, but are anything but when you dig a little deeper
  • hypotheticals: these scenarios can lead to different dimensions of understanding that literal situations can't
  • real talk: if this is your Tribe, it's likely that they want to know the REAL parts of all of you, not just the stuff that's easy to talk about. dig a little (or a lot) deeper with these.

winner's circle cards - each card has "prizes" for the winner of each round to choose from. the prizes involve getting the rest of the group to complete a dare for the winner. there is one card for different modes of play:

tribe mode: for all ages 12+

  • example prizes: "dance machine" - everyone get up! all must dance their hearts out for one minute to the song of the winner’s choice, "groupies" -everyone chants and cheers the winner’s name for 30 seconds
tribe-plus mode: for all-adult groups (because beverages may be involved)
      • example prizes: "arm huggers" - have everyone link arms in a circle as they drink a beverage, "raise a toast" - lead a toast to something you think is great, and clink cups with others as you drink to it
      one-on-one mode: for 2 players
        • example prizes: "it’s a date" - the winner gets to pick the time and place of the next date, "yee-haw!" - the non-winning player has to give the winner a piggy back or horse ride